Blackstone Chambers is experienced in advising and representing governments, corporate bodies and individual litigants on international disputes, constitutional affairs and human rights issues before a range of international courts. Barristers have particular experience in international boundary disputes, state and diplomatic immunity and international protection of human rights. They appear regularly before the International Court of Justice, international arbitration tribunals (for example ICSID, the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes) and before domestic courts in cases involving issues of public international law.

Chambers’ expertise in this area is anchored in individuals who have a strong academic background in public international law, for example: Jeffrey Jowell QC (Professor Emeritus of Public Law at UCL); Maurice Mendelson QC (Chair of International Law at UCL, 1987-2001); Timothy Otty QC (visiting fellow at Oxford, 2009-2010, and current visiting Professor at KCL); Guy Goodwin-Gill (Senior Research Fellow at All Souls College, Oxford, 2002 - 2014, and Professor of International Refugee Law at Oxford University, 1998 - 2014); and Tom Hickman (Reader in Public Law at UCL).

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