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We are delighted to share Part II of the Blackstone Chambers’ Annual Employee Competition Seminar of The Litigation Podcast with Craig Rajgopaul, Sarah Wilkinson, and Emmeline Plews.

In Part II, Craig Rajgopaul will discuss conspiracy claims and professional conduct issues.

Sarah Wilkinson examines whether the new willingness to grant damages in lure of injunction may permeate into employment law.

Emmeline Plews analyses the case of Boydell v NZP Ltd and another, regarding a recent decision in the Court of Appeal which gives important guidance on severance.

In case you missed Part I, Paul Goulding KC analysed the scope and implications of proposed legislation to cap non-compete agreements at three months and Diya Sen Gupta KC examined the utilisation of unlawfully or improperly obtained evidence, drawing on the recent cases Ras Al Khaimah Investment Authority (RAKIA) v Azima and FKJ v RVT.

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